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Consilient Health Acquisition Cost Savings Calculator

Consilient Health Acquisition Cost Savings Calculator



An increasing number of women are now using Consilient Health contraceptives1. In doing so, significant acquisition cost savings are able to be made over other commonly prescribed more expensive brands.

See what acquisition cost savings your area could achieve for contraceptive prescriptions by using our Savings Calculator.


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Welcome To The Acquisition Cost Savings Calculator


Welcome To The Acquisition Cost Savings Calculator

This calculator has been designed to show the acquisition cost savings that can be made by prescribing the Consilient Health range of oral contraceptives in preference to more expensive alternative brands.

This calculator has a default setting of fifty per cent usage for Consilient Health oral contraceptives. If you would like to change this percentage, you can do so using the slider.

Consilient Health Brand Active Ingredient2 Alternative Brand Consilient Health Brand
Acquisition Cost
Per 3 Cycle Pack2
Alternative Brand
Acquisition Cost
Per 3 Cycle Pack2
Estimated Annual Years
(Women Years)
Savings Per 13 Cycle Pack2
Cerelle® desogestrel Cerazette® £3.50 £9.55
Lucette® Ethinylestradiol / drospirenone Yasmin® £9.35 £14.70
Rigevidon® Ethinylestradiol / levonorgestrel Microgynon® £1.89 £2.82
Cilique® ethinylestradiol / norgestimate Cilest® £4.65 £7.16
Gedarel 20® Ethinylestradiol / desogestrel Mercilon® £5.08 £8.44
Gedarel 30® Ethinylestradiol / desogestrel Marvelon® £4.19 £7.10
Millinette 20® Ethinylestradiol / gestodene Femodette® £5.41 £8.85
Millinette 30® Ethinylestradiol / gestodene Femodene® £4.12 £6.73
Triregol® Ethinylestradiol / levonorgestrel Logynon® £2.43 £3.82
Upostelle® levonorgestrel Levonelle® £3.75 £5.20

Our Brands


Our Brands

The Consilient Health range of contraceptives includes the following brands that you can prescribe to avoid the higher costs of more expensive brands.2






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