E-detail Service

Consilient Health are market leaders in the UK oral contraceptive market. 1 Our success is built on strong partnerships with healthcare professionals to support the prescribing of our portfolio of oral contraceptives. As part of our pledge to offer innovative, valued customer service, we now offer a flexible e-detailing service that enables customers to receive valued, trusted information about our products and services in less time than the average GP patient appointment.

For more information about our e-detailing service please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0203 751 1888.

Advantages of an e-detailing service

  • Healthcare professionals are increasingly short of time. E-detailing can be delivered concisely at a time and duration chosen by you.
  • Consilient Health are able to tailor relevant information especially for you. This might include information about a particular preparation, active ingredient, side effect profile, UKMEC profile or support service that we offer.
  • We can quickly confirm the formulary and prescribing system status in your local area and provide a review of practice level or PCO level acquisition cost-savings that can be realised by small changes to local prescribing.
  • Consilient Health can keep you abreast of topical current national guidelines and policy changes.
  • E-detailing enables the personal contact between Consilient Health and yourself to be maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-detailing?

E-detailing is a way for Consilient Health to connect with health care professionals in an efficient, innovative way. It uses electronic, interactive media to present clinical, product, budgetary or educational information by internet, without requiring a face to face meeting.

When does e-detailing take place?

An e-detail can be arranged for a time that is convenient for you without compromising your work schedule. Depending on what information you would like to discuss with us a five to ten-minute slot is all that is required.

Do I need to download special software, create an account or volunteer personal data?

No. We can arrange an e-detail using a desk or mobile phone or call you through the internet. We will display visual information via a WebEx website. No personal data is collected or stored in this process. We have chosen WebEx as our presentation platform as it is easy to access and use and works on the majority of NHS computers as well as personal lap tops or tablets. Our e-detailers are adept in helping you view the WebEx platform on your computer screen.

Have other health care professionals benefitted from e-detailing?

A 2002 study showed that 38% physicians reported an interest in receiving information electronically 2 . This had increased by eleven percentage points since the previous year. A pilot study demonstrated that 97% of physicians felt an e-detail was superior to paper- based detailing when explaining complex issues 3 . The interactive nature of e-detailing enables us to discuss content that is pertinent and relevant to our audience, providing information to optimise patient care with access to drug information that is accurate and up to date.

Will Consilient Health cease to meet with their customers at their place of work or at clinical meetings?

E-detailing augments rather than replaces the traditional ways that Consilient Health meet and speak with you. We believe that offering an e-detailing service can support your clinical consultations with an increasingly better informed and tech-savvy patient group. Consilient Health hold our existing relationships in high regard and wish to offer flexible solutions in maintaining them.

To book an e-detail please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0203 751 1888.


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